The quilts from Maison Lullin tell two stories. 

The high-quality hand-made pieces have two sides that are similar in colour and noticeably related to each other, but completely contradictory in the initial design.

Arranged in triangles, squares or rectangles, one side of the quilt is created with a geometric precision. The colours and patterns remind of many things: Stones, Nature, Houses, Homes and Settings unfold an entire range of themes.

The designer deliberately associates her works with such architects or artists as Olgiati or Ponti etc, whom she dedicates her color compositions.

The geometrically constructed pattern is contrasted by another, more spontaneous side sewn with the remaining fabrics and complementary pieces. It is arranged emotionally, controlled only by the urge to envision the quilt as a whole. The shapes are placed in relation to each other, touching, searching, intuitive.

Each quilt by Maison Lullin forms a microsystem that can be turned and folded according to the mood and emotionally complements every sofa, bed or armchair.It takes its place elegantly and conveys a distinct independence in the room.

Maison Lullin founded by Sina Buxtorf

Colours, textiles, ornaments and craftsmanship have always been my great passions. While I was studying architecture at the ETH Zurich, my love was devoted to interiors; even at that time I dedicated a large part of my time to creating objects that enrich their surroundings.

I create my works by hand in Zurich. Each quilt is a unique piece, partially made of new textiles, which all come from environmentally friendly and sustainable production, or partially made of recycled, reused materials.

Hand-crafted, therefore irregular and imperfect, the pieces hold their own depth and feeling.